Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Brendan Harris -- A Wonderful Surprise

One thing I learned early in my marriage is that my wife is always right. During this years fan fest my wife looked at Brendan Harris and asked me who he was. I told her he was a utility infielder that we got from Cincinnati for cash and a player to be named later. I also told her not to expect much because of the glut of infielders and that he would have to play hard in spring training to even make the team. My wife took another look at him and told me he was going to be a good player for the Rays this year, he would be the starting shortstop soon, and was her new favorite player. As we watched Ben Zobrist strike out and look horrible at the plate my wife kept calling for Maddon to let Harris play. I kept telling my wife that Zobrist was our shortstop and Harris would get his chances every now and than, but not to get to attached because he won't be around much.
I was right about one thing, Harris got his chance to play. Harris has made the most of every chance he has been given to play for the Rays. Harris is in an oranization with a glut of highly rated prospects, and it would seem he shouldn't be able to compete, but the guy just plays hard. Harris gives his all every play of every game and has been rewarded with the starting shortstop position. Since being put into the lineup Harris has hit .342 with 2 home runs, 9 runs, and 8 RBI. Harris has the second highest average on the team behind only BJ Upton, who just so happens to lead the League in average. Harris seems to get the clutch hit when needed and plays great defense at short. Harris and Upton seem to have a great chemistry with each other and are slowly becoming one of the better double play duos in the league.
While the future for the Rays at shortstop looks to be Reid Brignac, the Rays are in in good hands for now with Brendan Harris. Every time he does something great my wife reminds me that she called Brendan playing this well before he ever hit the field. As much as I hate to be wrong, this is one time that being wrong has had its benefits. Brendan if you read this, your biggest fan, my wife, would love an autograph.

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