Monday, May 14, 2007

Hey Maddon -- Change the Lineup!!

Since May 1st Rocco Baldelli has gone 2 for 49 and his average has dropped .80 points. After the Toronto series Maddon was asked what he would do with Rocco to which he responded that he would stay in the lead off spot because we did not have any other viable options to lead off. I guess Mr. Maddon forgot that he has Carl Crawford and BJ Upton on the team. Crawford has lead off before and was successful at it. Bj Upton is leading the team in total batting average and average with runners in scoring position. Also, BJ and Crawford offer something that Rocco can't at the moment, stolen bases. Rocco has been slowed by injuries to his hamstring and his knee and has not been able to run like he is able to. Meanwhile Crawford and Upton are stealing bases left and right when they get on the base path. Maddon told everyone that the reason Upton was batting down in the lineup earlier in the year was to remove the pressure and get him some confidence. It looks like Maddon's plan worked for Upton, but he refuses to do the same for Baldelli. Right now Baldelli is going through a rough time and he could use a change of scenery and remove some of the pressure. I am not saying to move Rocco all the way down to the nine spot, although that may not be a bad idea, but a move out of the lead off spot could do Rocco some good and give him some confidence. This team does have viable options for the lead off spot and in fact those options are better than Rocco when he is not slumping. Mr. Maddon please take a look at your team and make the move to help this team.

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