Friday, June 22, 2007

Breaking News-- Elijah Dukes Off Rays Roster

Elijah Dukes is off the Rays roster. The Rays have not said if he was traded or released at this time. Andrew Friedman is supposed to make a statement sometime soon about what is going on, but Dukes is off the Rays roster. The Rays have called up veteran Dustin Mohr to takes Dukes spot on the roster.

This move seems like a long time coming for the Rays who have not played Dukes since the St. Pete times reported that he allegedly had sex with a 17 year old who was living with his grandmother. While Dukes was riding the bench on the road things only got more complicated here in Tampa. Local radio station 620 WDAE has been bombarded by calls from Nishea Gilbert (dukes' ex-wife) and from Dukes' family members. The St. Petersberg times also ran a story daily about some part of Elijah's life.

The Rays, who had been looking to move Elijah to another team, said the talk increased after Elijah called into 620 WDAE to defend himself. In that call Elijah was very defensive and yelled, which is understandable after being awoken from family members saying his family was under attack on the radio. The St. Pete times immediately wrote a story about the phone call. The next day Elijah allegedly told a SPT reporter to go F--- Off and the it seemed the Rays ran out of options. I hope the Rays traded Elijah and did not just outright release him, but it is unsure at this time. If he was released I hope Elijah is picked up and gets a fresh start somewhere else as a change of scenery maybe exactly what he needs.

We have just learned that Elijah Dukes has been optioned tothe minor leagues and has been placed on the temporarily disabled list. This will give the Rays time to try and trade him and have a replacement on the team in case one of the OF goes down and we do not have to go with Norton and Gomes in the OF again.

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