Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Peyton Tops Preliminary QB Rankings Again

It is still a long way out from the fantasy football season, but there is no better time than the present to start getting ready and looking forward. Obviously things will change during Training Camps and Preseason, but there is value in looking at rankings now. I have ranked the passers who at the moment have the starting job and have not included any quarterbacks drafted in this NFL Draft. Although you could see a Brady Quinn or JaMarcus Russell get the job, I still probably will not rank them high or want them on my team as the likelihood of either thriving this year are slim to none.

Peyton Manning again topped my list as the top Quarterback available and the only one i can see an argument for taking in the first round of a draft in standards leagues. The second tier is made up three great quarterbacks and i believe that after Tier 2 the Quarterbacks start to become even and no one really sets themselves apart from each other. Anyone below tier 3 i would not be comfortable going into the year as my starter, but could have solid years if they continue to develop or have a bounce back year. In standard 10-12 team leagues you could not pay me to take anyone in the last tier.

The off season is long and dark and we are starting to come out of it now. I was excited to get started on my rankings and i have done a couple mocks so far and i seem to be pretty close to where these guys have gone in the mocks i have done. I hope you enjoy and feel free to lay into me if you think i am wrong.

Tier 1

Peyton Manning

Tier 2

Tom Brady
Drew Brees
Carson Palmer

Tier 3

Mark Bulger
Jon Kitna
Matt Hasselbeck
Donovan McNabb
Tony Romo
Matt Leinart
Philip Rivers
Ben Roethlisberger
Eli Manning
Vince Young
Mike Vick

Tier 4

Jay Cutler
Alex Smith
Jake Delhomme
Matt Schaub
JP Losman
Steve McNair

Tier 5

Brett Favre
Jason Campbell
Jeff Garcia
Chad Pennington
Trent Green
Damon Huard

Tier 6

Tarvaris Jackson
Rex Grossman
Byron Leftwich
Charlie Frye
Andrew Walter


FanProphet said...

As usual but don't be surprised if Brady surpasses him this season.


Adam Lewis said...

I agree. Brady is a good QB and with the addition of Moss, Stallworth and Washington he will be dangerous. I would not be surprised to see Brady at the number 1 rank by the time the season starts.

Anonymous said...

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