Thursday, December 27, 2007

College Football Playoff Final 4

What started with eight is now down to two. With the BCS leaving something to be desired as usual we created a playoff. The top 6 seeds were the BCS conference leaders, with the last two at large bids going to the next two highest rated teams. Our top 8 again:

(1) LSU
(2) Oklahoma
(3) Ohio State
(4) USC
(5) Virginia Tech
(6) WVU
(7) Georgia
(8) Missouri

We used the BCS bowl games and the top bowl games played on January 1. The four teams to advance were (Votes in Paranthesis):

LSU (13) over Missouri (6)

Oklahoma (14) over Georgia (7)

Ohio State (10) over WVU (9)

USC (16) over Virginia Tech (2)

Personally I voted for all of the winners except for OSU. I felt that WVU would have spread them out and won, but it was not what happened in our playoff. With the top four moving on, our next match ups were as follows:

LSU v. USC in the Sugar Bowl

Oklahoma v. Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl

Very good match up between LSU and USC in my opinion. I voted for LSU thinking they could take USC, but the votes ended up 10-10. With the votes tied after a full week of open voting, it came down to a coin flip and USC moved on. The Oklahoma game would not be close in my opinion and the voting reflected that. Oklahoma rolled the Buckeyes with a vote of 14-2.

Our National Championship Game:

#2 Oklahoma v. #4 USC in the Sugar Bowl.

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