Tuesday, December 4, 2007

June Jones Needs to Shut His Mouth Because He Sounds Like a Moron

With national spotlight finally on June Jones team because they made it to a BCS game, Jones decided to use it to sound like a moron. Jones told the media that his quarterback, Colt Brennan, was not a system quarterback, but Florida QB Tim Tebow is. You can see where he has a point, I mean no quarterback has ever been accused of putting up great numbers just because they were in the Run and Shoot offense *Cough* Timmy Chang *Cough*.

Jones commented that his QB is the best passer in College history and that Tebow's numbers come off of Fades and Dives that he would not be doing in the pros. First, The Heisman is not about which player will be the best pro player, it is the award given to the best college player in the nation for that year. Second, his quarterback is the best passer based on what, his numbers? His numbers are a direct reflection of not only the system he runs that allows him to throw the ball 472 times this season and over 500 each of the last two seasons. Finally, I guess the Gator games are on too early for Jones to watch because if he did see them he would know that his statement about where Tebow's numbers are coming from is completely wrong. If his 20 rushing TD's came off of 100 or 200 yards in a season, than maybe he has a case, but Tebow has run for over 900 yards. Hey June, go watch the film and you will see him run up and down the field and not just dive forward. In that film Jones will also see the arm strength and accuracy that Tebow has not only on fades, but on slants and his deep ball.

Jones wants you to believe that Brennan is the better passer and not just player, which is what the award is for. Fine I will play your game Jones, lets look at there stats from the past season.

Brennan : 166.3 QB Rating 71.4 % Passing 4,174 Yards 8.8 Yards Per Attempt 38 TD 14 INT

Tebow : 177.9 QB Rating 68.5% Passing 3,132 Yards 9.9 Yards Per Attempt 29 TD 6 INT

Who is the best passer? Well if you go by an all around body of work it would be....Tebow. If you give the amount of attempts to Tebow that Brennan had he would have 43 TD and only 9 INT. He would also have 4,673 yards. Tebow was ripped before the season for not being a passer and running to much, but he has the highest pass efficiency rating in the country and if he were in Jones system he would have decimated Brennan's numbers.

One last thing there June; your schedule. Brennan put up these numbers and looked like a great quarterback against the 119 strength of schedule in the NCAA. That is 119th out of 119. On second thought, man Brennan did do a great job, I mean how could he do that much against those vaunted defenses of Nevada, Louisiana Tech, Idaho, and San Jose St. Meanwhile, Tebow put up his numbers against such bad defenses like LSU, South Carolina, Auburn, and Georgia. If you can't tell, that is sarcasm June, I only tell you because you are obviously blind. Brennan is a good quarterback and I am not taking anything away from him, but for you to say that Tebow is a system guy and Brennan us the best passer in the history of football makes you sound like a moron.

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