Sunday, December 9, 2007

Congratulations To Tim Tebow

The Heisman voters finally read what the award is supposed to measure.Tebow became the first Sophomore to be named the Heisman Trophy winner and only the third quarterback to win it when his team had three 3 losses or more. The award is supposed to measure the best player in college football and not the best senior on the best football team. Tebow deserved the award and the voters got it right this year.

The race for Heisman came down to two players this season: Tebow and Darren McFadden. While McFadden had a good season and a great game against LSU, he did not show up in a couple games this season when his team needed him the most. Meanwhile, the Gators lost 3 games this season, but none of that was due to bad play by Tebow. Tebow showed up every game he played and put up great numbers, they just were not good enough to overcome a bad defense in certain games. McFadden is a great talent and should be the first overall draft pick, but was not the best college player this season.

Critics have come out and said that voters only voted for Tebow because he is the only member of the 20-20 club in the history of college football. They also said that his numbers were a direct result of not having a viable running back in the offense. Further, they have said that Tebow calls his own number in the twenty so he can score and jack up his numbers. These people all have valid points and while some of it may be true, it doesn't diminish what Tebow did this past season.

Voters may have been persuaded by the fact that Tebow is the only member of the 20-20 club. The fact is that they should be. No one in the history of football have ever thrown and run for over 20 TD in the same season. While he had 20-20, it is not like he barely made it. Tebow threw 29 touchdowns and ran for 22. Also, of those 22 rushing touchdowns 7 were from 6 yards or further out, while 6 of McFadden's 15 rushing TD's came from 6 yards or farther. Tebow's numbers are not inflated b/c of Qb sneaks from the 1 yard line and he should not be punished because he is able to run over, around, and through people.

The Gators may not have had a viable running back per se, but Meyer rotated players into the position that put up yards that any program would love to have. In one game Percy Harvin had over 100 rushing and receiving as a wide receiver. The Gators did not have a running back designated, but they had talent that Meyer put into the backfield that could take it all the way at any time. Tebow may have gotten less touchdowns if they had a full time bruising running back, but we will never know that. Finally, if everyone knew he was the only running threat, why didn't they stop him?

Fact is that Tebow not only ran all over people because he could, but he had the second highest pass efficiency rating in the country as a passer. He averaged almost 10 yards a pass and completed almost 70% of his passes. He was criticized before the year with not being able to throw the ball and when he showed everyone he could they criticized him for not doing it more over running. People are going to hate him because he is talented and has had success from the moment he stepped on the field. They will make things up because as you saw in the ceremony he does not have much to be critical of. He is a guy who is not only great at football, but is a great role model for everyone. He deserved the award and gator fans are lucky to have him.

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