Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gruden brings Culpepper in, WHY????

620 WDAE is reporting that the Bucs have brought Daunte Culpepper in for a visit today. Culepper arrived and was met at the airport by Jon Gruden, Bruce Allen, and Doug Williams on the tarmac. The gentlemen had a meeting and than Culpepper got back on his jet and left Tampa. Apparently Jon Gruden can never get enough quarterbacks.

Why do the Bucs have any interest in Daunte Culpepper? The Bucs have invested a lot of money in the quarterback position already giving big contracts to Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, and still hoping Jake Plummer comes out of retirement. Also, Gruden made a big deal to the press about how he loved Garcia and has always wanted to work with him. If Garcia is the answer like Gruden has said, than why has he spent so much time on Plummer and now on Culpepper? What Message does this send to not only the quarterbacks on the team, but all the players?

Gruden has never been happy with any quarterback he has ever coached outside of Rich Gannon, and even that relationship was tumultuous at best. Garcia is the best example of a Rich Gannon quarterback and can help this team, which is why he is the best option for Gruden, so why is he looking anywhere else?

Gruden wants a veteran quarterback who can run around and make plays with his legs, Culpepper's knee is shot and he can't move around. Also, Culpepper has not been in the west coast system and we have been told multiple times that Gruden's playbook takes a long time to learn. This is a waste of time for Bucs, which could be used on helping the other quarterbacks. Time will also be a factor come training camp with all of these quarterbacks. They will need time to showcase all the quarterbacks the Bucs have on the roster, but how can they show anything with so many quarterbacks around?

Gruden will never be happy with any guy who is playing QB for him, unless it is him. He is supposed to be a quarterback guru and boy genius, but Bucs fans have not seen one ounce of that with any quarterback since he has been in Tampa. Gruden has not developed one quarterback and has shown no patience even with the veterans that he brings in and looks for the next quarterback before the first one takes a snap.

This situation is one more example of how bad of a coach Gruden is and just how desperate he has become to save his job. It is no secret that Gruden is on a very hot seat and if the Bucs do not win he will be gone. What Gruden should be doing is focusing in on guys that can help us win like Garcia and not wasting time on crap like Culpepper. What Gruden may be doing is looking for a fall guy when we start to lose. When they ship starts to sink he will need a guy to go down with it and point the finger at, and he doesn't want that to be him.


FanProphet said...

Gruden knows that Garcia has only a little bit of time left in the NFL. If 'Pep' comes in he won't play this season and if they need to let go of Simms it doesn't matter, none of that money is guaranteed. Daunte would be a great addition for years to come.

Adam Lewis said...

The problem is the contract can't be for more than a year or two or else they will owe him a bonus. The Bucs would want a minimum risk contract and have him sit the bench, but thats not what C-Pep is looking for. Garcia has two years left so they need a guy to come in after him and C-Pep maybe a guy to do that in two years, but i don't think the contract could be done.