Friday, July 6, 2007

Streak moves 11, but its OK.......

The Rays continued their losing ways last night in an embarrassing loss to the Boston Red Sox. The loss makes it 11 in a row, and it was by far the worst loss of this horrid streak. The Sox scored 6 runs in 2/3 innings of of starter JP Howell. The relief was not relief at all, but whats new with the Rays blowpen right? The Sox scored in four of the eight innings in which they had at bats. Every starter except for Julio Lugo had 2 or more hits in the game, but according to our manager and front office, its OK.

After Howell gave up 6 runs in only 2/3 of an inning, our fearless manager went out tapped him on the butt and said good job. Good Job? You are kidding me right? Maddon also said that we did some good things in the game; I guess it was good that we only gave up 15 runs and not 30. This manager has no clue what is going on and it is rubbing off on the players and how they play the game. It also does not help that Andrew Friedman came out and said Maddon is doing a good job and it's not his fault. Whose fault is it than Andrew? Attitude and desire reflects leadership, and you and Joe Maddon are the big leaders here. What type of message does it send to the team when you are destroyed and you bring up that one pitcher had a good inning? The team lost by a large margin and you want to bring up how Jay Witasik had a good inning?

This losing streak is getting to the fans as well as the players. Carl Crawford told the St. Pete times that this is beyond embarrassing and that he is to ashamed to leave his hotel room. When a quiet leader like Carl Crawford, who has always backed the Rays and took a pay cut to sign a long term deal here to help this franchise feels this way; it is not good. This is not the first time Crawford has said something either, he made a comment during the Toronto series about how bad the bullpen is. Crawford has stood by and drank the kool aid they are giving out to the players, but maybe he has had enough. Also, if a stand up guy like Crawford feels this way, what do you think Delmon Young and BJ Upton think and might say? These two guys have already shown that they believe their shit does not stink and they think they are the best. The Rays says they are committed to keeping these young players and spending the money on them, but what happens when these guys do not want to be apart of this team anymore because of how it is run?

I have been a Rays fan since the day they got a team and I will continue to stay a Rays fan while they are in Tampa Bay, but i think I am in a very small minority. I remember sitting in the stands the last time a streak like this happened and Randy Winn finally got us out of it. I am afraid when i go to the next home Rays game after the break it may be the same feeling because we couldn't win a game against the Royals. The Rays need someone to stand up and tell these guys to snap out of it and play, but our manager just wants to drink his wine and pat these guys on there bottom and tell them it's OK. It's not OK. You play a game to win, but this team is playing for teaching opportunities. The fans are upset, the players are upset, but it's OK because Jay Witasik pitched a good 7th inning.

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