Monday, July 16, 2007

Preseason Wide Receiver Tiers

With Training Camp almost here we are continuing with our preseason ranks. Up this week is the wide receivers in this years draft. These rankings are for standard re-draft leagues with no points per reception. These rankings are highly likely to change with training camp and preseason battles going on, but for drafts going on early this is how I see it. I have set the wide outs up into 7 tiers, although tier 2 is really tier 1a.

Steve Smith once again tops the list of wide outs for the season. Smith is explosive and capable to going the distance every time he touches the ball. Included in Tier 1 is Tory Holt and Larry Fitzgerald. These three are clear cut number one wide outs on their teams and have high powered offenses.

Tier 2, which could be dubbed 1a, consists of three studs in great offense, but they have to share the ball. CJ has Housh and Harrison has Wayne. These guys will still put up great numbers, but should be just behind the tier 1 guys.

The next set of wide outs are guys that could move up if they fulfill there potential or they carry more risk than the wide outs in the tiers above. Owens and Moss have questions with off the field issues, but have the talent to play on the field. Roy Williams has showed he is ready to be a top wide out and Housh still has to contend with CJ for the ball. These guys could still solid number 1 wide outs for you.

The next set of wide outs starts with guys who can still be solid number 1 wide outs for fantasy purposes and moves into wide outs that are more suited to be a solid 2 for your team. I have Colston in this tier even though many others have him higher. It concerns me that he will be the number one wide out going up against double teams and the best corners in his second year in the league. He may continue his pace from last year, but i am skeptical to make him my number 1 wide out.

Tier 5 wide outs consist of your solid number 2 wide outs and some guys who have some great upside, but questions remain. Reggie Brown is in a great spot in Philadelphia being the number 1 wide out, but his numbers are going to be correlated to Donovan McNabbs health, which has not been so great recently. Jackson, Moss, and Edwards all have talent, but are in an offense that is challenged or have an unknown at Quarterback.

The rest of the wide outs consist of rookies, third year guys who may break out, or guys who could be your number 3 wide out. Outside of Calvin Johnson there isn't a rookie i see taking before tier 7. There are some second and third year players who are looking to bust out and this may be the year they catch lightning in a bottle.

Tier 1
Steve Smith
Larry Fitzgerald
Tory Holt

Tier 2
Chad Johnson
Marvin Harrison
Reggie Wayne

Tier 3
Randy Moss
Roy Williams
Terrell Owens
T.J. Houshmandzadeh

Tier 4
Anquan Boldin
Donald Driver
Andre Johnson
Javon Walker
Marques Colston
Lee Evans

Tier 5
Hines Ward
Reggie Brown
Plaxico Burress
Laveranues Coles
Darrell Jackson
Deion Branch
Santana Moss
Braylon Edwards
Calvin Johnson
Donte Stallworth

Tier 6
Mark Clayton
Terry Glenn
Chris Chambers
Vincent Jackson
Joey Galloway
Santonio Holmes
D.J. Hackett
Bernard Berrian
Greg Jennings
Jerricho Crotchery
Mike Furrey
Devery Henderson
Kevin Curtis
Jerry Porter
Joe Horn
Isaac Bruce

Tier 7
Troy Williamson
Eddie Kennison
Muhsin Muhammad
Drew Bennett
Matt Jones
Brandon Marshall
Brandon Jones
Derrick Mason
Anthony Gonzalez
Dwayne Bowe
Ronald Curry
Sidney Rice
Marty Booker
Dwayne Jarrett
Ashley Lelie
Robert Meachem
Nate Burleson
Wes Welker
Reggie Willams
Tab Perry
Nate Washington
Ted Ginn, Jr.
Joe Jurevicious
Maurice Stovall
Steve Smith
Michael Jenkins

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