Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rookie Wide Outs

Most Rookies don't come in and light it up there first year. Quarterbacks are usually not worth anything the first year, running backs are stuck behind someone or are starting for a horrible team, but wide receivers seem to be the one position that consistently helps their rookie season. This article will look into some of the top wide outs that were drafted this season and where they are being drafted right now. You will notice that outside of CJ2, most of these WR's ADPs are very close to each other. I have ranked them in order of how I would take them.

Calvin Johnson- CJ2 as he is called was the consensus best player in the draft. CJ2 has all the tools a player needs to be successful in the league at wide receiver. CJ2 is fast, has great hands, great vertical leap, physical, and runs great routes. CJ2 also is a great person who works very hard; something that was missing with previous Lions wide outs. The Lions have found a stud to go opposite of the Legend. Look for CJ2 to have an immediate impact as this may have been the best place for CJ2 to go in this draft. The Lions offense is the high flying Mike Martz offense and he has a great WR to learn from in Roy Williams. Kitna is a decent QB and with the addition of Tatum Bell the passing attack may be allowed to open up a bit. Mike Furrey emerged as a nice go to guy as well for the Lions, but he is a true slot receiver, which is where he will play now that CJ2 was drafted. CJ2 will get the looks and will make an impact this season, but you may have to reach to get him. From the mocks I have seen and been involved in CJ2 has an ADP of 57. If you are in a dynasty or keeper league, he is definitely worth the reach, in a redraft i think i would make the reach, but others may not.

Sidney Rice - Rice was overlooked by many because of a not so great Sophomore season after dominating as a Freshman in the SEC. The Gamecock offense was up and down all year though and had many different Quarterbacks throwing to Rice. Also, there was no true number 2 next to Rice or a ground game to take the pressure off of him. Rice was constantly double and triple teamed, yet he still had a decent season. Rice is a tall, fast, physical receiver that has great hands. The Quarterback situation in Minnesota worries me and that’s why I am hesitant in Rice. I am not sure how Tavaris Jackson will shake out and that will have a huge impact on Rice. The Vikes do have a great ground game with Taylor and AD. Also, the Vikes have another speedy wide out that will line up next to him in Troy Williamson. Williamson is also out of USC and has not turned out to what the Vikes have wanted. If the Vikes had a better QB I think Rice would go higher and have a better year. If Jackson pans out as a good QB, than Rice will be a nice sleeper. As of right now Rice's ADP is 121.

Robert Meachem - I felt that Meachem was coming out a year too early from Tennessee, but he got drafted in the first round so I am sure he is not complaining. I think Meachem would have been better served to come back to UT and get his route running a little better. Also, Meachem had a knee injury that he is coming back from now, but he looks to be on time and is looking good. Meachem is a speed reciever who played in a tough conference in college. Meachem lacks the physicality you like in a reciever and he is not about to go over the middle, but he is a good fit in New Orleans. Meachem has a great QB throwing to him and the Saints offense looks great with Colston, Bush, Deuce, and Henderson next to Meachem. Meachem will be almost a 4th WR here with how they use Bush which means he will be up against some less than stellar defender and should be able to make some deep plays. Also, I am not sold on Henderson as a great number 2, so Meachem could develop into a nice 2 to go along side of Colston. Right now his ADP I have seen is 131.

Anthony Gonzalez - I thought the Colts were gonna go defense with there first pick, but Gonzalez made too much sense for them to pass up. Gonzo is a perfect slot guy, especially in this offense. Gonzo will step right in for the departed Brandon Stokely and offer Peyton another great target. Gonzo was the best WR at OSU. Ginn was the most athletic, but Gonzo is far more polished of a route runner and has better hands. Gonzalez could not have ended up in a better situation either. With the emergence of Addai as a viable back that people will have to look out for the passing attack under Peyton will be wide open like it was with Edge in the back field. With defenses looking at Harrison and Wayne, Gonzo could be left open or be one on one with LB, which will be heavy advantage Gonzo. I think he will have big games and than very low games, much like Stokley did. He will be a nice WR for a long time in the league. Right now his ADP I have seen is 131.

Dwayne Bowe - The Chiefs have needed to address the WR position for a long time and finally did so this year. Bowe being there was a surprise to them and I and the Chiefs gladly took him. Bowe's stock took a huge rise after his impressive performance in the Senior Bowl. Bowe is a big, physical, speedy receiver, but has had trouble holding onto that big catch he needs to make. I like Bowe more than others, but he does need to learn how to hold onto the ball. Bowe will be able to learn from Eddie Kennison who is getting up in age, but is still a great veteran presence on him. The Quarterback position is still a question mark in KC with Huard as the present it seems and Croyle as the future. The Chiefs offense will still revolve around LJ and Tony Gonzalez so that means a little less opportunity for Bowe. Bowe's future is bright, but for this year he may have lesser numbers than some of these other wide out rookies. His ADP is 133.

Dwayne Jarrett - Jarrett looked to be the number 3 wide receiver in Carolina when he was drafted, but when the Panthers decided to release Keyshawn he moved into that number 2 slot. Jarrett is a very physical wide receiver with great hands that will go over the middle, but does not have the speed of these other wide outs. Its funny because Jarrett reminds me and most of Keyshawn Johnson, which is who he is being asked to replace. Jarrett does have an attitude problem that is a little bit of a problem for me. If any of you saw him in the Rose Bowl you saw 4 or 5 times he should have or received a taunting penalty. Jarrett reminds me a little of T.O. in that regard and that’s not a good thing. Jarrett will get to learn from Steve Smith, which will help him very much and has a good QB throwing to him in wither Delhomme or Carr. The Panthers need to rebound this year to keep John Fox his job so look for Jarrett to be thrown into the fire and get his feet wet early and often. His ADP so far is 132.

Ted Ginn Jr. - Head Coach Cam Cameron may have said it best when he addressed the Dolphin Fans; "Wait ‘til you see him return punts." That is exactly what Ginn is to me, a glorified punt returner. Ginn is horrible at running routes and does not have the best hands. Also, Ginn is not physical at all and has a hard time getting off of the jam by the defenders. Ginn uses his speed as his weapon and in college was able to run past everyone. Ginn will not be able to do this in the NFL and he is not strong enough to get off the jam and run by anyone. Ginn may turn into a decent wide out in the future if he is trained by Chambers to get off the jam and run better routes, but for the foreseeable future i would stay away. His ADP is 168.

Craig Davis - When the Chargers drafted him, everyone said, "WHO????" Everyone was right. There were much better wide outs on the board and Davis was not worth it. Davis was highly overrated in my opinion and he doesn't do anything great. He is an average wide out in my opinion and I would not look to him anytime soon. I don't have an ADP for him right now because he has not been drafted in any draft I have done.

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