Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Brian Kelly and Shelton Quarles No Show for OTA's

620 WDAE is reporting that Brian Kelly and Shelton Quarles are no shows for voluntary OTA's. The two have very different reasons for not being there. Kelly is not happy with his contract, which has 2 years left on it. Bruce Allen has a history of not negotiating contracts until they come into the last year, but they may want to get the Kelly deal done. Last year without Kelly the Bucs looked horrid in pass defense. Kelly is a stable solid Corner who knows this system and helps to take pressure off of Ronde on the other side, and makes tackles in the open field. The Bucs did the right thing last year in paying Ronde, they need to do the same for Kelly, take care of the guys who have got you to where you are.

The Quarles situation is a little different. Right before Shelton Quarles went over to Afghanistan for a USO tour a report in the St. Pete times and Tampa Tribune came out that Quarles had some injuries that were career threatening. The reports ranged from concussions to his back and knees. Shelton has yet to confirm any of these injuries which is a little suspicious. Any fan of the Bucs can remember a similar thing happening with a man name John Lynch. John said he could play, but the organization felt otherwise and he was let go. Lynch has gone on to star in the Denver Bronco defense making Pro Bowls. It is all to familiar sounding situation with a regime that is known for screwing its players and doing what they want with the players they want to have around.

The Bucs as an organization need to sit down and rethink how they are handling this situation. When two guys who have been the heart and soul of this team are treated like this, what does it tell other players not only on the Bucs, but throughout the league? The Bucs need to talk with Shelton and if he is ready to go, than get him on the field and give Kelly what he deserves as well.

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