Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rays Need to Dump Camp and Lugo

The Rays followed up a great performance against Johan Santana by coming out and playing without any enthusiasm or pride. Almost every player on the Rays looked sloppy or unprepared to come out and play. For some maybe it was hiccup or just a bad day and it will be addressed, but for Sean Camp and Rudy Lugo it was just the same old thing. On the year 11 of the 19 batters camp has faced have gotten on base, opponents are hitting .500 and he has an ERA of 13.5, further 6 of the 8 runs he has inherited have gone on to score. Lugo is even worse with a 24.00 ERA, yes you read that right. In 3 IP he has allowed 11 H 8 ER, 4 BB, while getting 2 K and he has given up at least 1 ER in every appearance so far. In order for the Rays to win their starters need to go at least 7 and hope that Stokes or Ryu can hold the 8th so that Reyes can come in and shut the door. The Rays need to get rid of Camp and Lugo and bring up Corcoran and Orvella from Durham and have them work the pen. Corky gives the Rays a true MR who can work long innings if need be and can also spot start. Orvella struggled in the beginning when he went down to Durham after spring training, but has rebounded and in my opinion i believe he was disheartened by being sent down after having such a great spring. The Rays have the offense to be competitive and they have gotten some good performances by their starters, but if they keep letting Camp and Lugo come in they will keep losing. Someone needs to inform Joe Maddon that Camp and Lugo are awful and are not Major League pitchers.

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