Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bucs Should Stay at 4

There have been rumors of the Bucs looking to trade up from the fourth spot in the draft to the first or second spot in order to make sure they get Calvin Johnson. This is a mistake that the Buccaneers cannot afford to make right now. Yes Calvin Johnson is the best prospect in this draft and I would love the Bucs to draft Calvin Johnson, but not at the cost that they would have to pay to move up in the draft.

The Bucs have many needs on the team ranging from the aging defense that has not been addressed in the past couple of drafts to an offensive line that still needs some more help. Right now the Bucs are in a good position to address many positions with quality first day guys with there draft picks. In order to move from the fourth pick to the first pick the Bucs are going to need to give up there fourth overall pick and most likely BOTH of their second round picks. With so many needs on the team why would you give up those draft picks in order to move up and get a receiver who only gets the ball so many times on offense? The Bucs are at a crossroad in the franchise and they need to end down the right road. The Bucs have the money and the draft choices to set this team up not only for now, but for the future. The current regime as used the excuse that they did not have the draft picks they needed because they were traded away for Jon Gruden, now they have the picks and they want to give them away.

The Bucs need to stay at the fourth spot and take the best player available in that spot. Calvin Johnson could fall to the Bucs or maybe even Joe Thomas who could be a staple on the offensive line for years to come. Whoever it is that the Bucs draft in the first round it needs to be in the fourth spot. The Bucs need to keep their draft picks and address all the needs on the team.

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