Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rays Score 6 early and hold on

The Rays jumped on Steve Trachsel in the fourth inning and kept the pedal down scoring 6 runs in the inning and running Trachsel from the game. Casey Fossum responded to the run support going 7 innings scattering 5 hits and a walk while striking out 4 and giving up 3 runs. At times Casey looked unhittable as his pitches just dove out of the strike zone late confusing the Orioles. What would a Rays game be without a close call from the "pig pen" though right? After letting 2 runners get on base Casey Fossum was pulled for the greatness that is Brian Stokes, who responded by giving up a three run home run. Stokes finally got out of the inning and in came Al Reyes in the ninth and shut the door. Outside of Reyes the Rays do not have anyone in that bullpen that is worth anything. I watch every Rays game and it is inevitable that late in the game the other team will be allowed back in by these guys in the bullpen. We were lucky tonight as Stokes got out of the inning and allowed Reyes a chance to close it out.

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