Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lightning Open the Playoffs Tonight Against Devils

The lighting open the NHL playoffs tonight going up against the New Jersey Devils. The Devils are led by all-star goalie Marty Brodeaur, who set a record for most wins by a goalie this season. The Lightning on the other hand are hoping that Johan Holmqvist will come up big now that he has been annointed the guy for the Lightning throughout the Playoffs. Holmqvist is by far a better goalie that Marc Denis and i believe that this is a great move by coach Jon Tortarella. Holmqvist will not be looking over his shoulder during any of the games and can go out and play his game, which has been pretty good this season. The Lightning big 3: St. Louis, LeCavilier, and Richards are going to need to come through with goals oon one of the tougher goalies in the league, but it can't be only these guys. The lightning are going to need some help from the other lesser known players like Craig, Roy, and Prospal. The Lighting beat the Devils 3 of the 4 times they met in the regular season and should be able to win this series.

I am prediciting the Lighting in 6

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