Thursday, August 9, 2007

Alstott to Announce Retirement at 2:00 PM???

620 WDAE is reporting that Mike Alstott will retire at a 2 pm press conference today. Mike has missed the last 3 days of training camp and many have wondered why he was gone. The Coaches have said he had a sore body and that's why he has not been out there. Alstott has been used less and less during camp as the coaching staff has tried to get BJ Askew more involved in the offense.

This is a sad sad day for Bucs fans if this is true. Alstott is a fan favorite of the Buccaneers and great leader for this team. This is good news for Jon Gruden who had a visible hatred for Alstott and now he won't have to explain why he did not use him more in the games. This must have been a hard decision for Alstott who said that he was ready to go before camp. We will be monitoring the developments and the press conference and give an update later today.

This is a sad day in Tampa for Bucs fan, we will miss you Mike.

Mike Alstott Tribute Video

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