Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Final Fantasy Draft Done, Bring on the Season

So last night was my final draft of the season, which brings the total to 6 on the year. I actually contracted a few this year and next year will most likely lose another one or two and get back to normalcy. This draft was my annual live draft with my Law School buddies. I had to create a draft board with crayons and some Kraft paper because I lost the cords to hook up my computer to my buddies TV. I brought the grub and ran the draft and my buddy supplied the house for us to do it at. I am pretty happy with this team although I did make some mistakes that could cost me. All and all it was a success and looking forward to strong competitive year.

Settings for the league are:
1 point per 25 yds passing, 6 pts per TD, -2 per INT.
1 point per 10 rush/rec, 6 pts per TD, -2 per FUM, 1 PPR
We had a 16 round snake draft in a 12 team league. Are rosters are: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF/ST. I had the 3 pick in the draft, which creates some interesting decisions I would find out.

My Squad with round in parentheses:
QB- Jon Kitna (7), Matt Schaub (12)
RB- Brian Westbrook (1), Clinton Portis (3), Adrian Peterson (5), Julius Jones (8), Tatum Bell (10)
WR- Roy Williams (2), Randy Moss (4), Joey Galloway (6), Greg Jennings (9), Troy Williamson (11), Sydney Rice (13)
TE- Daniel Graham (14)
K- Robbie Gould (15)
DEF- Detroit (16)

I caught a lot of grief for taking Westy at number 3, but in a PPR I think that Westy is the best back at three. It was a bit of a risk pick since he has never played a full season since coming into the NFL, but I think my depth at running back will make up for that. I did not want to take Portis, but it seemed to be too much value in the third round not to. I was surprised to see AD fall to me in the 5th, in fact Chester Taylor actually went two picks before me in the 4th and that owner was looking to take AD on the way back. I think I got great value with Julius Jones and Tatum Bell late in the draft. Jones is seeing more playing time, and although Bell hobbled off the field earlier, he seems to be OK and he is the starter in Detroit.

My wides out are pretty solid I think. Smith, CJ, and Harrison were gone when I took Williams. I am higher on him than most, but I see a big year out of him with the addition of CJ 2 to take some of the double and triple teams away from Williams. Moss is a little risky because he has yet to play a game in the preseason and New England likes to spread the ball around, but he is still running well and I think he has the drive back to win. Galloway was a great value pick there as he has developed a great chemistry with Jeff Garcia and will get the majority of the balls thrown his way. I have no idea what i was thinking drafting 2 Minnesota receivers, I think it had to do with the alcohol I was drinking. I am mad at myself as I should have taken Randy McMichael or Alge Crumpler in the 13 instead of Rice, but I got Graham instead and hope he plays well for the Broncos. I drafted Detroit with my last pick because I plan on playing match ups with my defenses for the season and Detroit starts with Oakland.

All and all I was pretty happy with my team, except for the McMichael/Crumpler foul up. There are some good other teams and some teams I think are just terrible.

Some Picks I did not like:
Peyton (1.8) - I never like taking a QB in round one, especially in a PPR with 12 people
Brees (2.02) - Again a reach when there were good backs still left
Jacobs (2.05) - way to early for him
Holt (2.12) - His injury scares me and I have him farther down due to that
Hasselbeck (3.12) - Bulger still on the board and great wide outs available
C. Taylor (4.08) - I would have taken AD here, but i am glad b/c it allowed me to get AD
Bears D (5.02) - WAY to early for a defense, even the Bears
Shockey (5.08) - Too early for shockey, especially when he only had one wide out
Heat Miller (7.06) - A lot better TE still there
Chad Jackson (9.09) - He may not even make the team, i have not seen him drafted at all
Sydney Rice (13.03) - Yep my own pick. I hated I took him there and didn't get McMichael

Picks I Loved:
Maroney (1.12) and Bush (2.01) - Great value there and good start to his team
Wayne (3.08) - How did he make it this far in a PPR?
Bulger (5.07) - Great spot for him there. He had his 2 backs and 2 Wide outs.
McNabb (5.09) - If he is healthy this is a great pick (Hope he is for Westys sake)
V. Davis (5.11) - I am big on him, and he would not gotten back to him in the 7th round
DJ Hacket (8.09) - I think he will have a big year and he was by far the best WR there
Romo (8.10) - By far best QB left
VY (9.04) - Great value for Young
Roethlisberger (10.05) - Couldn't believe he was still there
C. Brown (15.07) - If he is the starter this was a great steal
A. Crumpler (13.09) - I know Joey is the QB, but come on, how did he fall that far
McMichael (13.10) - I screwed up and should have had him
Jenkins (13.12) - Starting wide out and Harrington will throw the ball

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