Saturday, August 25, 2007

If Kazmir Breaks a Record at The Trop, but No Ones There, Does It Count?

If you were at the Rays game tonight you knew after the first pitch that the game was over. Scott Kazmir brought it tonight and was almost unhittable. Kaz set a franchise record for most strikeouts in a game with 13 and the offense dominated the Oakland pitching staff for the second night in a row. It was a great night for the Rays on the field, but looking around the stadium you couldn't tell.

Let me start by saying that i understand that baseball teams plays 81 home games, which makes it hard for people to get to every game. Also, it is close to the end of the season and the Rays are once again not competing for a playoff spot, but the Rays are coming off of a 12-2 beat down of the A's and have their Ace on the mound. Rays fans can have disagreements with the ownership about how they are running the team, but supporting the players would be nice for once. All you hear is complaining about when the Rays lose, but the Rays had Kazmir on the mound, who has been nearly unhittable since the break, coming off of beating down the A's on a Saturday night, where was everyone?

The Rays players go out and give a great effort every night most times in front of a crowd that is pro who ever they are playing, even at home. These players are giving it there all and they deserved to be supported while they do it. Fans have commented on Carl Crawford's comments to the media earlier in the year, but how can you blame him when its true. Also, why would players want to stay in a place that the fans could care less about the team. When the Rays have Kazmir or Shields on the mound the chances are pretty good that they will get a win. It was a Saturday in Tampa Bay and football season has no started, so where was everyone. If you want the owners to start putting more money into the team, show up to the games that Rays have a shot at winning and show your support of the franchise.

I was at the game and Scotty was near unhittable. Kazmir used his fastball extremely effectively and had the Oakland team off balance all night. The Rays had and offensive flurry, which was started by Johnny Gomes home run in the second. The Rays offense continued after that and scored runs in the last 4 innings of the game. Whatever Steve Henderson told his batters the other night is working and this team is hitting on all cylinders right now. It was a great night for the Rays and the fans that were in attendance, its just too bad that wasn't many people.

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