Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bucs Looking to Trade Clayton??

Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting that there are many wide outs that can be had for peanuts, and one of them he included was Michael Clayton.

Adam Schefter of NFL Network reports that a trio of Florida receivers are
available to any interested takers.
Specifically Reggie Williams of the
Jaguars, Michael Clayton of the Bucs, and Chris Chambers of the Dolphins are on
the block.
But Schefter says that no serious talks have occurred regarding
any of the three, which means that all three of them are in danger of being
released on or before Saturday. Chambers, a second-round pick in 2001, has
been the best of the three. Clayton and Williams were first-round picks in
2004. Williams was the No. 9 overall pick; Clayton was No. 15.

While Schefter is reporting that Clayton is available, has reported that the Buccaneers have said they are not looking to trade Clayton.
In response to a Tuesday report indicating that the Buccaneers have 2004
first-rounder Michael Clayton on the trading block, an industry source tells
that the team is denying that Clayton is being dangled.
We were
inclined to conclude that the team is saying this merely to drive
up the price
that it would want for Clayton. Or, possibly, the team
already has
concluded that there is no market for Clayton, and that they
don't want him to
think that they were trying to trade him.
the fact that it was
reported by Adam Schefter of NFLN that Clayton is on
the block is enough to
prompt any potential takers to make a call to the Bucs. If the Bucs aren't interested in trading
Clayton, they can politely (or otherwise) say so, and then hang up.

Clayton, who had a great rookie season, has struggled the last two seasons and has found himself in Jon Gruden's dog house. With the emergence of Maurice Stovall and David Boston in training camp and the preseason, the Bucs are struggling to decide which wide receivers will make the team. There had been talk that Clayton may even be cut by the Bucs. I don't think that the Bucs will trade Clayton because they have so much invested in him. The Bucs drafted him 15th overall and passed up taking Steven Jackson to do so when they were in need of a running back. If the Bucs want to move him they should look at Miami who is shopping Chris Chambers. Chambers has fallen out of favor in Miami, but has talent. Chambers is a tall quick receiver who would be a nice fit opposite Joey Galloway. I don't think that the Bucs will move him, but if they do Chris Chambers is the only guy that would be worth Clayton.

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