Friday, August 3, 2007

Morning Camp News

Luke Petigout was still not practicing this morning in training camp. Jon Gruden said on Tuesday that Petigout was lifting weights during the only practice of the day, Wednesday he had a sore sore body and could not practice, Thursday Gruden acknowledged that Petigout had a "slight" back problem but would be back Friday, today Petgitout was still not practicing. Once again when asked about Petitgout, Gruden said that he had a sore back, but would practice tomorrow. When reporters tried to interview him, Petitgout ignored them and went inside.

It is pretty obvious to see that Petitgout is not healthy and once again we are being lied to by this regime in Tampa. People at practice have noticed Petitgout walking very gingerly like his back is bothering him, and the fact that he can not bend down to get into a three point stance. Petitgout was the big off-season acquisition on offense this year and was supposed to stabilize the line, but it is looking more and more like he will be a bust. There is a reason that he was cut by the Giants, no one goes out and cuts a left tackle when they are healthy they are too valuable. Something is not right and its not a big surprise that we are not being told what that is.

Gaines Adams did return to practice today after being held the past two days with a tricep strain. Adams has not looked dominant and at times has really looked bad. Do not be surprised if Adams is not the starting end for the Bucs at the beginning of the season. The Bucs could move Kevin Carter to the outside or have Patrick Chuckwurah start at the end and play Adams situationally. He does have the talent and you can see it, but he is struggling right now.

Chris Simms got to throw this morning and actually looked better than he has. Simms balls have the spiral action back and he had a couple nice deep balls today. Simms did acknowledge to the media that his arm is fine, but that he is struggling still. Simms described his problem as seeing the receiver, but just not getting it off in time. This was not the problem the Bucs front office had been telling everyone was wrong with Simms, who had been saying it was a sore shoulder and elbow.

Luke McCown got a lot of reps this morning and is looking good. McCown has a strong arm, good vision, and is very mobile. It will be interesting to see McCown in a game situation as he is definetly the backup quarterback right now. McCown has talent and maybe he will be the quarterback that the Bucs can finally groom for the future.

The Bucs have an afternoon padded practice scheduled as long as no rain comes, and it looks like they should get it in.

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