Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Boras Tells Rays Pena is Worth 15 Million

Scott Boras let the Devil Rays fans know how much he thinks Carlos Pena is worth and that this is the perfect test case for Rays to show fans that they are serious about winning. Boras told the St. Pete Times that Pena is the "greatest player to ever put on a Devil Rays Uniform," and that he had a season that was worth about $15 million dollars. This is classic Boras, using the media to get fans to put pressure on an organization to overpay for one of his clients. Hopefully the Rays fans will realize that this is how Boras is and understand that the Rays will do what they need to and not overpay for a Boras client.

Pena is having one of the best seasons for a player in a Rays uniform and while I love Pena, he is not the best player to wear a Rays uniform. Pena may not even be the best first baseman the Rays have ever had, as Fred McGriff is a former Ray. As smart as he is I am sure that Boras has heard of former Ray Wade Boggs, a hall of famer. No disrespect to Pena, but the statement that he is the best Ray ever is inaccurate and is just a PR move made by Boras to try and get the Rays to overpay.

I find it interesting that Boras is so forceful now that Pena has had this type of season, when earlier this year we never heard a sound when Pena did not make the team out of Spring Training. If Boras is so sure about Pena than why would he keep quiet when a $15 million dollar player was sent to the minors? The fact is that the Rays gave Pena a shot when no one else wanted him and Pena has run with that chance. Pena loves being a Ray and has said that he wants to stay with Tampa; maybe Boras needs to listen to his client before spouting off.

I have been a staunch supporter of the Rays extending Pena sooner rather than later, but if Boras is going to play hardball the Rays do have options. The Rays own Pena's rights for the next two years and can just wait and pay him his arbitration contract for the next two seasons. Pena is a great player, leader, teammate and should be a Ray, but they do not need to overpay for him. While Pena was a top prospect, this is the first time that he has had a year like this and it would be nice to see him repeat the feat before shelling out a lot of money. The Rays also need to extend Scott Kazmir this off season and have him set as the number 1 starter here for years to come. The Rays have talked about extending Pena and if they do I am all for it, but they do have time and they do not need to play Boras' game. Rays fans need to realize that this is how Boras' works and not get upset if the Rays do not extend Pena right away. The Rays have said they will pay when someone is worth it, so lets give them the benefit of the doubt and let them do the work.

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Anonymous said...

I think Boras is talking about Pena having the best season in a Tampa uniform. McGriff and Boggs (both HOF caliber players in their own right) were well past their primes when playing for TB.