Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 3 Fantasy RB Report

Arizona Cardinals
RBs: Edgerrin James , Marcel Shipp, J.J. Arrington
Injuries: None
Starter: Edgerrin James
Opinion: Edge has been outstanding so far on the season and it doesn't look like he plans on stopping anytime soon. The new coaching staff is dedicated to running the football and Edge has exceled running it for them. He is running with a fullback blocking for him for the first time and he seems to enjoy it. He has a very tough matchup this week though, going up against the Baltimore Ravens.

Atlanta Falcons
RBs: Warrick Dunn , Jerious Norwood , Artose Pinner, Jamal Robertson
Starter: Dunn (60%)/Norwood (40%)
Opinion: The Falcons offense has been terrible and the running backs are a part of it. Dunn has not done much this season averaging only 50 yards a game. Dunn has said that he still is not 100% recovered from his offseason surgery, I would keep an eye on this if I owned Dunn. Norwood saw his productivity increase last week, but had a worse week. Norwood is averaging more yards per carry and has more explosion so he may start to get more touches.

Baltimore Ravens
RBs: Willis McGahee , Musa Smith, Mike Anderson
Injuries: None
Starter: Willis McGahee
Vulture: Musa Smith
Opinion: McGahee has looked good in both games, but has lost some touches around the goalline to Musa Smith. He should get better as the year goes on, but he does have some tough matchups.

Buffalo Bills
RBs: Marshawn Lynch , Anthony Thomas, Dwayne Wright
Starter: Marshawn Lynch
Opinion: Lynched followed up his good first game with a bad outing. He did run up against a great defense at home when they played Pittsburgh, but the Bills are still bad and defense will dare them to throw so he may find running a little tough unless they open it up. Thomas has been a nonfactor in the running game only garnering 3 carries. The Bills have a tough matucp against NE this week and their great run defense.

Carolina Panthers
RBs: DeShaun Foster , DeAngelo Williams , Nick Goings
Injuries: None
Starter: DeShaun Foster (50%) / DeAngelo Williams (50%)
Opinion: This is a true RBBC with both guys getting 50% of the carries so far this season. Foster has a little better number of yards per carry, but he also has a turnover that Williams does not. This will probably stay this way all season unless one of them gets hurt.

Chicago Bears
RBs: Cedric Benson , Adrian Peterson , Garrett Wolfe
Injuries: None
Starter: Cedric Benson
Opinion: Benson had a much easier time running the ball in the second game of the season and put up some great numbers. The Bears do want run the ball a lot so he will get chances, but KC is not a great defense so time will tell what he does. There have been whispers that the Bears are looking at Corey Dillon

Cincinnati Bengals
RBs: Rudi Johnson , Kenny Watson, Kenny Irons , Chris Perry
Injuries: Kenny Irons (ACL Out for the Year), Chris Perry (leg, out until at least October 14th)Notes:
Starter: Rudi Johnson
Opinion: Rudi is Mr. Consistent getting his 12 TDs every year and he should be back up to his normal 1400 yards as well. Look for Kenny Irons to be the primary backup and to spell Rudi when he needs a break. Could get a look as the 3rd down back as well as he has great explosiveness which is something Rudi lacks. Rudi is still a quality #1 RB

Cleveland Browns
RBs: Jamal Lewis , Jerome Harrison, Jason Wright
Injuries: None
Starter: Jamal Lewis
Opinion: Jamal Lewis exploded last week for over 200 yards. With that being said, Cincys defense is terrible and no one really belives that was the real browns offense. The fact is they still have a bad line and will be down in most games. Lewis is not a great option

Dallas Cowboys
RBs: Julius Jones , Marion Barber III , Tyson Thompson
Injuries: None
Starter: Julius Jones 55% / Marion Barber III 45%
Opinion: This has been a real RBBC with both seeing about the same amount of carries. Barber has looked much better than Jones though and has been getting the majority of the 20 and in carries. Barber is also the main 3rd down back. Expect Barber to keep getting more touches as the year goes on. They have a horrible matchup this week against the Bears though

Denver Broncos
RBs: Travis Henry , Selvin Young, Mike Bell
Starter: Travis Henry
Opinion: Henry is a great back for this system as he is an excellent one cut and go type of runner which is what Denver needs in the backfield. He's the most talented RB they've had since Portis left and should be in for a great year (barring injury of course). Henry has looked great on the year and Shannahan has shown that Henry is the guy

Detroit Lions
RBs: Tatum Bell , Kevin Jones, TJ Duckett , Brian Calhoun, Aveion Cason
Injuries: Kevin Jones: Foot, TJ Duckett: Ankle
Starter: Tatum Bell
Opinion: I believe Jones is the starter if he can come back healthy, but until he does the door is wide open for Tatum Bell to take over as the starter and get most of the action for the Lions early on in the season. Jones is returning this week and there is talk that he may get 20 carries. Bell had a good game against the Raiders, but the Lions did not try to run the ball against Minnesota. Still expect bell to get some carries.

Green Bay Packers
RBs: Vernand Morency , Brandon Jackson, DeShawn Wynn
Injuries: Vernand Morency: Knee
Vulture DeShawn Wynn
Opinion: Brandon Jackson was supposed to take his opportunity to be the starter and run with it, but its DeShawn Wynn who has taken the opportunity. Wynn has looked outstanding in his playing time and the Packers are going to give him more carries this week. Wynn is a talented back and this situation should be kept an eye on

Houston Texans
RBs: Ahman Green , Ron Dayne, Samkon Gado
Injuries: None
Starter: Ahman Green
Vulture: Ron Dayne
Opinion: Green is clearly the best back on the roster for the Texans and with the 2nd year in Kubiak's running schemes, the Texans could have that run offense be much improved from last year. Green is a big upgrade from anyone they had last year and could put up Dominick Davis type numbers if he can stay healthy all year

Indianapolis Colts
RBs: Joseph Addai ,Kenton Keith, Kory Chapman
Injuries: None
Starter: Joseph Addai
Opinion: Addai is clearly the man and the Colts are not giving anyone else many touches

Jacksonville Jaguars
RBs: Fred Taylor , Maurice Jones-Drew , Greg Jones, LaBrandon Toefield
Injuries: None
Starter: Fred Taylor / Maurice Jones-Drew
Opinion: This could be a dreaded 3-way split this year with Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Greg Jones all getting some opportunities. Jones is back this year after suffering a season ending injury in pre-season of last year and will likely factor in some way this year. As of right now Taylor is still the starter, but expect him and Jones-Drew to see a similar amount of touches

Kansas City Chiefs
RBs: Larry Johnson , Michael Bennett, Derrick Ross, Kolby Smith, Priest Holmes
Injuries: Priest Holmes: Neck (PUP)
Starter: Larry Johnson
Opinion: The Chiefs are terrible and Larry Johnson's stats are suffering for it. No one will respect the pass until the Chiefs make them so expect Johnson to have tough sledding in the future

Miami Dolphins
RBs: Ronnie Brown , Jesse Chatman , Lorenzo Booker
Injuries: Chatman Bruised Knee did not practice this week
Starter: Ronnie Brown/Jesse Chatman (?)
Opinion: Brown had a great opportunity to futher his hold on the starting role last week against the Cowboys, but failed. Brown has been very disappointing thus far and is losing touches to chatman.

Minnesota Vikings
RBs: Chester Taylor , Adrian Peterson , Mewelde Moore, Artose Pinner
Injuries: Chester Taylor: Hip
Starter: Chester Taylor / Adrian Peterson
Opinion: Adrian Peterson has the second most yards from scrimmage in the NFC. Taylor is still a little injured and may miss more time, but even if he is healthy, Peterson is going to get touches. AD has looked dominating on the season and expect him to be the full starter soon

New England Patriots
RBs: Laurence Maroney , Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk
Starter: Laurence Maroney
Opinion: Morney has not put up the numbers that many thought he would, but its more about what the Pats are doing on offense thant maroney himself. The Pats have done a lot through the air and when they get up they have pulled Maroney so he does not get hurt. Maroney is going up against the Bills who ahve given up big yardage thus far and Maroney has always ran well against them.

New Orleans Saints
RBs: Deuce McAllister , Reggie Bush , Aaron Stecker
Starter: Deuce McAllister / Reggie Bush
Opinion: Well the Saints have messed with something that works and have given Bush more opportunities to run the ball and it has backfired. They need to get back to having Deuce get some tough runs or it will be a long season for both

New York Giants
RBs: Brandon Jacobs , Derrick Ward ,Reuben Droughns
Injuries: Brandon Jacobs: Knee (out 3-5 weeks)
Starter: Brandon Jacobs
Opinion: With Jacobs hurt, Ward will get the start again. He looked ok last week against GB even though they had to rotate 3 QBs. He is still a viable fill in for now

New York Jets
RBs: Thomas Jones , Leon Washington
Injuries: None
Starter: Thomas Jones
Opinion: The Jets offense has been terrible, but they have played two great defenses thus far. They still want to run the ball and TJ is a good back so expect him to have better numbers

Oakland Raiders
RBs: LaMont Jordan , Dominic Rhodes, Justin Fargas, Michael Bush
Injuries: Michael Bush, Lamont Jordan (Back- Probable)
Notes: Dominic Rhodes has been suspended for the first four weeks.
Starter: LaMont Jordan / Dominic Rhodes
Opinion: Lamont Jordan has looked great so far in the season. Jordan finally looks like the guy that they wanted when they signed him as a free agent. It will be interesting to see what they do when Rhodes comes back from his suspension

Philadelphia Eagles
RBs: Brian Westbrook , Correll Buckhalter, Tony Hunt
Injuries: Ryan Moats (ankle) out for the season, Westbrook (Knee-- Probable)
Starter: Brian Westbrook
Opinion: Westy has been outstanding so far on the season even though the Eagles have been horrid on offense. The Eagles just came out with a report that Westy will have an MRI on his knee so that wil be something to watch very closely.

Pittsburgh Steelers
RBs: Willie Parker , Najeh Davenport, Kevan Barlow
Injuries: None
Starter: Willie Parker
Opinion: The Steelers didn't add anyone of consequence in free agency or through the draft at RB and Willie Parker will yet again see a good majority of the carries. They are supposedly implementing more of a spread type offense which is supposed to open up more running room for Parker this year and could take better advantage of his speed

San Diego Chargers
RBs: LaDainian Tomlinson , Michael Turner, Darren Sproles
Injuries: None
Starter: LaDainian Tomlinson
Opinion: LT has had a tough start to the season against 2 great run defenses. You know that LT will want to get back on track and get going, expect him to get back on track

San Francisco 49ers
RBs: Frank Gore , Maurice Hicks, Michael Robinson
Starter: Frank Gore
Opinion: Gore placed last week on a heavy heart after losing his mom and played very well. Gores injury has not been a concern and he has looked good so far on the season. He does have a tough matchup this week against PITT

Seattle Seahawks
RBs: Shaun Alexander , Maurice Morris, Alvin Pearman
Injuries: None
Starter: Shaun Alexander
Opinion: Alexander has looked good so far on the young season. The supposed injury on his hand has been something to watch for, but they play CINCY this week at home. SA has got to be licking his chops after he saw what Lewis did to them

St. Louis Rams
RBs: Steven Jackson , Brian Leonard, Antonio Pittman, Travis Minor
Injuries: None
Starter: Steven Jackson
Opinion: Jackson has been the biggest disappointment so far this season. The consensus number 2 draft pick has had two terrible games. The Rams lost Orlando Pace and that will have a bigger effect that they thought in the begining. They play the Bucs this week, who looked great last week on defense

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
RBs: Carnell Williams , Michael Pittman, Earnest Graham, Kenneth Darby
Injuries: Carnell Williams: Bruised Ribs (Probable)
Starter: Carnell Williams
Opinion: Williams played last week his bruised ribs and scored two touchdowns. Although he scored two TD's, he didn't get much yardage until late in the game when the Saints were tired. The good thing is that no one else came in when the Bucs were on the goalline, so it looks like their is not vulture here

Tennessee Titans
RBs: LenDale White , Chris Brown , Chris Henry
Injuries: LenDale White (sprained ankle, swollen knee)
Starter: LenDale White/Chris Brown
Opinion: This is another situation that is completely up in the air. The Titans would have loved for White to step up and be the man this season being the most talented RB on the roster but his work ethic is lacking and Chris Brown looked great in game one

Washington Redskins
RBs: Clinton Portis , Ladell Betts , Rock Cartwright, Derrick Blaylock
Injuries: Clinton Portis (knee tendinitis)
Starter: Clinton Portis
Opinion: has clearly been named the starter and I personally expect a 70/30 type of split this year. Washington ran the ball 490 times last season (about 30 attempts per game) and this year I would expect about 450 of those carries to go to their RBs which puts Portis at about 315 carries and Betts at about 135 carries this season barring an injury of course

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