Monday, September 3, 2007

Bucs Ink Trotter

The St. Pete Times is reporting that the Bucs have signed former Eagle linebacker Jerimiah Trotter to a one year deal. Trotter was released by the Eagles a couple weeks ago due to concerns with his health, but the Bucs were in need of a middle linebacker to back up Ruud and are willing to take the chance. The Bucs have been looking for a back up middle linebacker since Antoine Cash went down in the preseason. Ryan Nece had been working in the middle, but it was obvious that he was playing out of position and was not comfortable or good in the middle spot. Trotter gives the Bucs a veteran backup in case Barrett Ruud goes down, or is ineffective.

Trotter has been a great run stopper at middle linebacker his whole career and will be a great addition to the linebackers. Due to Trotter's weakness at pass coverage, expect him to be in for obvious run situations only in the beginning. There has been a lot of discussion about this move since Trotter was released and many people felt that Trotter would not be a good fit for the Bucs. The Tampa 2 requires the MLB to cover tight ends and wide outs a lot and Trotter is not a good cover linebacker. This is not a big deal for the Bucs because they are not asking him to be the starting middle linebacker, but instead need him to come in and make a contribution in running downs.

Trotter will help to shore up a run defense that was terrible last year and had been run over at times in the preseason. The Bucs released Ellis Wyms earlier this weekend, who had been a great run stopping DT for the Bucs. Trotter will bring an attitude to the Bucs that they have been lacking recently. Expect Trotter to make a difference in run defense and make plays when he is on the field. The fact that he will not have to be on the field every down will keep him fresh all year and help the Bucs out against some of the big time backs they will play this season. Great pickup for the Bucs.

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