Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bucs Release David Boston

Two days after the Pinellas County Sheriff's office released the results of David Boston's toxicology report, the Bucs have released him. The report, which was from his DUI stop, showed that Boston had GHB in his system. The Bucs had vehemently defended Boston since the incident and had told the media that they were confident nothing was in his system.

The Bucs told the media today that they had reached an injury settlement with Boston due to his injury and that is why he was released. The injury they were referring to was the mysterious foot injury that Boston suffered in pre-game warm ups before the Seattle game. Boston sat out the Seattle game, but Jon Gruden told the media on Monday during his press conference that Boston was probable and should play against New Orleans this Saturday. If Boston was probable on Monday, why was he so injured he had to be released on Wednesday? The timing of the injury and release is a little too coincidental if you ask me and I don't buy it. Boston knew he had something in his system and mysteriously got a foot injury before the game and know the Bucs have a way out with him and he still gets paid some money, its a win-win situation in their eyes.

This is another situation in which this regime has gone out and signed a player who was a veteran or had problems and he did not work out. This was up there with the Charlie Garner, Todd Steussie, Jerramy Stevens, and Derrick Deese signings that have made this team laughable since the Super Bowl year. The Bucs are at least 15 million under the salary cap, with Jon Gruden needing to win and they are signing guys like David Boston. Is this the current regimes fault, or have the Glazers finally had enough of the bad spending and were in control of the signings this past year?

The Bucs re-signed Mark Jones to the roster to replace David Boston. Jones has been with the team on and off since he was drafted by the Bucs in 2004. He is a punt/kick off return "specialist", i put that in quotes because he has not done anything special, and does not offer much in the receiving game. He should resume his duties as Punt and Kick returner for the Bucs who had been using a rotation of guys like Joey Galloway, Ike Hilliard, and Earnest Graham at those spots. While Jones has been with the Bucs and offers a steady presence to Special Teams, he is not a receiver that the Bucs feel confident in playing patterns, which begs the question of why they didn't look elsewhere. Keenan McCardell and Eric Moulds are both out there in free agency right now and have no team to play for. While both have been cut by a team this off season, they would be an upgrade over most of the wide outs on this team. Did they try to get these guys? Were they allowed to try or are the Glazers being frugal? Whatever it is, it's a bad move and just another one in a long line of them.

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