Monday, September 10, 2007

Caddy and BK Questionable; Boston's Career Questionable After Its Found He had GHB in His System

The Bucs not only lost the game on Sunday, but also suffered some key injuries that may linger. Jon Gruden told the media that Cadillac Williams is questionable with bruised ribs and Brian Kelly is also questionable with a pulled groin. Both of these injuries are big problems for the Buccaneers.

If Kelly cannot go than the Bucs defense is back to where it was last season, without their number 1 cover corner. Kelly shut down Deion Branch all game, not allowing Branch to even catch one ball. Kelly being in the secondary allows the Bucs to move Ronde Barber around and let him blitz from the nickel corner spot. If Kelly is out than Ronde is forced to cover the number 1 receiver on the other team, which leads to mismatches for the Bucs often and also does not allow the Bucs to let Ronde do the other things that help such as blitzing.

Cadillac's injury is very concerning because it is not an injury you want a running back to have. He takes hits every time he touches the ball and having bruised ribs will effect every aspect of his game. Gruden told the media that it is similar to the same injury he fought through last year. Now Gruden said this like its not big deal, but if you remember last season, it definitely effected him negatively. While Michael Pittman is an adequate fill in at times, he has never been a featured back and it takes away from the Bucs at full back where Pittman had been effective thus far. Earnest Graham may see more time while Caddy is out, but he has never seen much time in the regular season. Cadillac was looking to show that he is the runner from the first half of his rookie season and not what we have seen since than, but this injury is not going to help him.

David Boston

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Department released results of David Boston's blood test after his DUI stop. The police found GHB in his blood when they did the drug test. GHB, known as the date rape drug, is used by body builders to lower their insulin level, which is supposed to release more growth hormone. The actual effects have not been verified, but most body builders will tell you it does work. This is not the first time he has been caught with illegal substances in his body, as he was suspended for a year when with the Chargers for taking steroids. Boston has also had problems with other substances, so this may be the end for Boston if Goodell follows his previous rulings. This is a blow for the Bucs who hoped that Boston would be another wide out threat next to Galloway. Boston had been close to being out of chances by teams, and this most likely ended it.

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