Monday, October 1, 2007

Bucs Contact Corey Dillon

The Buccaneers contacted retired running back Corey Dillon on Monday, after learning they had lost Cadillac Williams for the year. Dillon was released by the Patriots before this season as they decided to go with second year man Laurence Maroney as the starter in the backfield.

Dillon has stayed in shape in the off season and has been the subject of a lot rumors. It seems that anytime a team has a running back problem, Corey Dillon gets a call, or at least its rumored he gets a call.The Bears had been the teams most recently rumored to be looking at Dillon to come in and be the starter, but they denied those rumors.

The Bucs were told by Dillon's agent that he is not interested right now and has decided to stay retired at this time.

It does not shock me that the Bucs contacted Dillon to come in, it does surprise me that Dillon said no without coming in to talk with the team. Dillon has said that he is staying in shape because he still wants to play and can contribute to any team, but he just turned down a great opportunity. The Bucs offensive line has looked dominant and the Bucs have shown a commitment to the run. Also, the Bucs are in what looks to be the worst division in football and have a great chance to make it to the playoffs. This maybe his best shot this year to get with a team that may actually contend.

Jon Gruden said that the Bucs are comfortable with Pittman and Graham running the ball, but they will explore their options. It looks as if Dillon is a dead end, and it is probably for the best. The Bucs do not need to bring in a player that may disrupt how tight this team is right now. The Bucs seem to be playing for each other and will rise to this challenge. They do not need anyone else to come in and run the ball; they just need to look in their own backfield.

3 comments: said...

I agree, Dillon could cause more problems than he is worth and will definitely want the share of load rushing the ball. With Pittman and Graham doing well, I say Gruden stays focused and avoids bringing in a guy who has been for the most part problematic throughout his career.

TampaBaySportsFanatic said...

I agree. I think the combo of Pittman and Graham is just fine. Who knows if Dillon truly is in shape and he has been a problem on teams that were not winning the way he wants to.

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed, thanks a lot.