Sunday, October 14, 2007

USF 2 and UF 15 in First BCS Rankings

The first BCS standings of the year are out and USF is number 2 in the nation, while the Gators are number 15. USF had never been ranked in the top 25 since the inception of the football team, but that did not stop it from making a huge mark in its first BCS rank. While the Bulls are enjoying great success this season, the Gators are 15th in the first rankings and still have tough tests to go.

The best thing for the Bulls is that they are number 1 in the computer polls and are closer to number 1 OSU than number 3 BC. If someone would have said that USF would be 2 and BC would be 3 in the first BCS rankings this year, everyone would have laughed at them. This season nothing seems impossible and USF has probably the easiest schedule of any of the undefeated teams left. Next week will probably be their toughest road test at Rutgers, but that game does not seem as tough as it did in the beginning of the year with how bad Rutgers has been this season. Meanwhile they get Cincy and Louisville at home where they seem to be unbeatable.

OSU's schedule has been ridiculously easy thus far and they will finally get tested down the stretch. Their really are only two games that should test OSU: at PSU, and at Michigan. Michigan can still win the Big 10 and that game maybe for the Big Ten title. PSU has been on and off this season, but they have always been great at home, especially at night. BC has had an easy schedule and it doesn't really get much harder, but they do have to go to Virginia Tech, which has gotten better every week.

The Gators are 15th in BCS rankings, but they have a lot of tough tests to go. They have to play 2 teams that are in the top 7 of the BCS and another that is in the top 20. If the Gators can win out in the regular season they would have to most likely play LSU again in the SEC Championship game. If all of this were to happen for the Gators and the undefeated teams were to lose at least one game, they would have a huge chance of getting into the top two. The probability of it happening or pretty close to none, but it goes to show the parity in the NCAA this season.

The Bulls control their own destiny for the National Championship and the Gators control it for the SEC championship. While the Gators are familiar with this territory, it is new to the Bulls. Many would be worried about what a top ranking like this means to a team that has never been here before, but with Coach Jim Leavitt at the helm there really is nothing to worry about. Leavitt has kept his guys focused all year long and no one should expect it to change. Congrats to the Bulls on being number 2, lets see if they can hold on for the rest of the ride.

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