Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chris Simms Placed on IR

The Bucs have placed Chris Simms on IR officially ending his season. Simms, who ruptured his spleen last season, was the fourth quarterback on the Bucs roster and was never expected to see the field. Most expected the Bucs to cut him earlier in the season, but they made the surprising move of keeping him on the roster. He will continue to rehab from his injury and hopefully come back next year and show he can still play in the NFL.

The Bucs were the only team that was carrying four quarterbacks and Simms really didn't look like he could play even if they needed to. In my opinion the Bucs were hoping to try and move Simms to a team that was in need of a quarterback during the year, but no one was interested. They had been trying to acquire a running back via a trade and they may have been told no about Simms from those teams. With the trade deadline looming, no interest in Simms, and a roster spot needed to acquire a running back, this makes the most sense for the Bucs to do. The interesting part of all this is that Jon Gruden had vehemently stated from the start of training camp that Simms could not go on the IR because he was no injured. He got angry at times when someone even mentioned IR. Simms is now on IR, but has not played a down to get hurt.

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