Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bucs to Sign Zack Crockett

Pewter Report is reporting that the Bucs will sign fullback Zack Crockett today. The Bucs made room for a new player yesterday when they placed Chris Simms on IR. They have been looking for a running back ever since Cadillac Williams went down, but it became even more pressing after losing Michael Pittman last week. This is not the splash back that many Buc fans were looking for, but it actually does make sense.

The Bucs have burned up the phone lines trying to make trades for a running back, but teams know how desperate they are and were trying to make the Bucs over pay. It is a credit to this organization to not overpay for someone like Medwelde Moore. With trades not really a possibility the Bucs brought in a couple of backs the past couple of days including Ciatrick Fason, Zack Crockett, Kevan Barlow, and Shaud Williams.

While none of those names is too appealing to Bucs fans, Crockett makes the most sense. We always here how Gruden's system is so tough to understand and that it will take time to learn, but Crockett had been in that system before in Oakland and is the only back that could come in and play immediately. The Bucs will most likely run BJ Askew more in goal line situations and to spell Graham now that they have another full back on the roster. Askew was a running back in college, but was converted to full back when he came into the NFL, so he is familiar with running the ball. When he signed with the Bucs he expressed interest in being able to run the ball, so now will be his chance. This was not the big splash move everyone was looking for, but it just may work.

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