Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gameday at Ray Jay???

Rumor out of ESPN is that they are thinking of bringing college game day to Raymond James stadium next week for the match up between USF and UCF. Nothing is written in stone yet, but this is one of the locations that they are looking at.

This would be huge for the Bulls in terms of PR and exposure. The team is finally being noticed across the nation and this is another step in being a big program. Game day is usually set at the biggest game of the week and the fact that they are considering bringing it for the USF/UCF game shows just how much they think of USF and what they think this game could be. USF needs to have a good showing at FAU to make this work.

If this happens it will be the biggest exposure to the nation that USF has ever had. Lets hope ESPN decides to go through with it and come here to Ray Jay. Students at USF have never seem something like this for a football game and this will get everyone excited, especially when Corso dons a Bull head at the end of the show!!


John said...

I think its about time yall lose the Gators emblem from the header and don the Bull!

TampaBaySportsFanatic said...

We focus on both teams. Gator grads that root for USF becuase we are from Tampa and live here now. Working on getting a new logo that has the Bulls logo and new lighting logo as well. Most likely will happen after the Rays change their logo and make it official.